En ces temps difficiles, l'IESA arts&culture est plus que jamais présent VIRTUELLEMENT avec ce très beau projet de nos MBA in Arts and collecting Management !

La réunion en trois tables rondes, les 1er, 2 et 3 décembre, virtuellement, des acteurs majeurs du marché de l’art pour débattre et parler du marché des maîtres anciens et de l’impact de la pandémie sur le marché. Plusieurs générations se rencontrent, des acteurs des maisons de vente, mais aussi des collectionneurs ou des experts, des journalistes et des auteurs également. Nos trois étudiantes et leur professeur Emmanuelle Amiot-Saulnier ont réussi quelque chose qui promet d’être exceptionnel et aussi très utile à nos étudiants du marché de l’art.  


Three online panel discussions: Old Masters New Generation, Perspectives on the Future of Collecting 

In conversation with a range of art market specialists, along with older and younger collectors, Old Masters New Generation hopes to introduce, inspire and encourage young collectors to look at old masters in a new light. In this new era, there is an opportunity to reconsider old masters and how the virtual age could bring new forms of engagement. Through the exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences, the panel discussions aim to illustrate the relevance of old masters in today's collecting world. 


On three consecutive evenings at 6pm CET : 1st, 2nd and 3rd December 2020 


Panel Discussion one: Introduction to Old Masters and the Art Market 

1st December 2020, Paris 6pm CET 

This panel will give an introduction to old masters in the context of the art market. The discussion will include: appreciation of old masters; connoisseurship; provenance; authentication; taste and research. 

Introducing Megan Corcoran Locke, Old Master Painting Research at Art Tactic, and Manager of Stephen Ongpin Fine Art dealer London, as Moderator 

In conversation with 

David Ekserdjian, Art Historian and Professor of Art History at the University of Leicester 

Dehlia Barman, Marketing, Art Analysis and Research, London 

David Pollack, Senior Vice President, Sotheby’s Old Masters, New York 

Will Korner, Art Loss Registry, London 

Panel Discussion two: Collectors Interchange: Sharing Ideas and Insight between Generations 

2nd December 2020, Paris 6pm CET 

This panel discussion will focus on the psychology of collectors, sharing of experiences and ideas between older and younger collectors, and comparing the traditional and modern approaches. What do they collect and what motivates them? 


In conversation with 

Katrin Bellinger, Old Masters Dealer and Collector, London 

Keir McGuinness, Lawyer and Management Consultant and Collector, London 

Nienke Van der Wal, Founder of Young Collectors Circle, Collector, Netherlands 

Panel Discussion three: Impact of Covid-19 on the Old Masters Market 

3rd December 2020, Paris 6pm CET 

What is the new normal? This panel will focus on how the old masters market has changed within the last six months, and the relevance of old masters as part of the market going forward. It will consider what will stay the same and what may change. 

Introducing Crispian Riley-Smith, Art Advisor and Dealer, London, as Moderator 

In conversation with Georgina Adam, Financial Journalist and Art Market Expert, London 

Michael Plummer, Principal and Cofounder of Artvest Partners New York, TEFAF New York 

Stephen Ongpin, Art Dealer, London and Chairman of London Art Week 

In Collaboration with: 

Fine Arts Paris -www.finearts-paris.com 

London Art Week -www.londonartweek.co.uk 

IESA Arts & Culture -www.iesa.fr 

About Old Masters New Generation: 


Old Masters New Generation is a team of three MBA students in Art Collecting Management with a specialization in old masters. They are studying at IESA Arts & Culture in Paris, France, in an international program. Old Masters New Generation is truly a global team, as they hail from South Korea, the UK, and Canada. They are focused on encouraging a new interest in old masters inspiring generations to come. 

Juliette Lloyd Cocks, Curator 

Claire Shane, Production 

Yugy Shon, Marketing & Communication 

For further information, please contact: 

Yugy Shon, Marketing & Communication 



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