Les MBA in Arts & Luxury Management ont crée un bel évènement "Forget me not" faisant dialoguer une artiste visuelle, un parfumeur et une compositrice ! 

Rendez-vous le 11 février de 11h à 17h30 sur la chaîne Youtube de "Forget me not" !


Forget me not - an immersive experience that features works by contemporary artist Bianca Bondi, Givaudan senior perfumer Yann Vasnier, and sound artist and music producer Kate Zubok. Their interdisciplinary collaboration comes to fruition in their intersecting works produced exclusively for "Forget me not.”


Having lived with constricted mobility leading to a lack of sociability due to the pandemic in Paris, we invite you to participate in a creative dialogue.

Bianca Bondi 

Described as an “alchemist of an artist”, Bianca Bondi experiments with natural elements and their energy. Through researching new age healing practices, animism and spiritualism, and object oriented ontology theory, Bondi investigates how ecolocy and the occult can interact with contemporary life. Her work is first and foremost process-based, multidisciplinary, and site-specific.

Born in South Africa in 1986, Bianca Bondi now lives and works in Paris, France. Bondi earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from WITS University in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2006. In 2010 she received her DNAP from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts Paris - Cergy and her DNSEP in 2012.

Bondi’s work has been the focus of solo shows throughout Paris, and has been part of group exhibitions in cities around the world such as Gent, Oronsko, Brussels, Bergen, London, Vienna, Istanbul, Johannesburg, and Warsaw. She has enjoyed numerous residencies in venues such as the Manifesto, L’Orfèvrerie, Saint Denis; Nirox, Cradle of Mankind, South Africa; Aldea Residency, Bergen; Center of Polish Sculpture, Oronsko; Les Ateliers des Arques, Presbytère les Arques; Villa Belleville, Paris; Chateau de la Roche Guyon, Roche Guyon; and Bandjoun Station, Cameroon. Her research has been widely published.

Yann Vasnier 

Vasnier is senior perfumer at Givaudan. Born in Brittany, France, he completed his perfumery training at ISIPCA in Versailles, 1999. His resumé includes making fragrances for Tom Ford, Jo Malone, Comme des Garçons, and Arquiste. For this exhibition, he worked on creating scents to infuse within Bianca Bondi’s work as well as to infuse for the event. 

Kate Zubok 

Kate Zubok, originally from Ukraine, is a sound artist and producer based in Paris. She creates sound pieces and music based on the various wavelengths of energy that she feels at a given time or moment. Through her practice, she is able to reach a nirvana like state where she is able to connect with her audience. 

Zubok has performed at various festivals in Rio, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Brooklyn, Milan, Moscow, Paris, New York, LA. 

For this exhibition, she has produced a sound piece that echoes Bondi & Vasnier’s creative sensibilities through auditory waves. 

February 11, 2021

from 11am to 17:30pm